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Shanon Ezernack-Henry


"If anyone wonders about ear infection with kids or adults go to Dr. Josh. get that adjustment and heal quicker and get the fluids to drain. Even sinus infections I have had and gotten rid of. I have even gotten my new born adjusted when she was colic. Thank you to Dr. Josh for all the help and healing."

Chris Cathey


"Dr Josh has been nothing short of a miracle for me. I was in an auto collision 2 years ago and had been referred to see Dr Josh by a specialist. Dr Josh has been by far the largest contributor to my recovery. The entire team is warm and welcoming which is so incredible when you are dealing with a stressful and painful injury. Dr Josh has treated my entire immediate family and several of my extended family members. Mt View Chiropractic is more than a business, they bring the values of a family to the practice. I give my sincere recommendation to anyone in need to first class Chiropractic care. Thank you Dr Josh! The Catheys"

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