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About Red Light Therapy | Contour Light Devices

Red Light Therapy has been used successfully by doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, and health and wellness professionals to help treat a variety of concerns for their patients, including: body contouring (fat loss), skin rejuvenation, pain management and inflammation reduction.

The combined wavelengths of LED (635nm) and near infrared light (880nm) blend the proven beneficial aspects of both frequencies for body contouring and fat loss, pain management, temporary relief of arthritis and muscle/joint pain, and increased local blood circulation.

Thousands of clinical studies about how this spectrum of light interacts with the cells in the human body have created an explosion of interest in the marketplace, increasing public awareness of this truly remarkable non-surgical and non-invasive option. Low-level red light therapy is now one of the most in-demand treatments available. Studies on this spectrum of light have been shown to penetrate the skin to activate the production of collagen and elastin, while also stimulating the mitochondria in the cells to produce increased cellular energy (ATP). This is a completely natural process that can create remarkable changes to help the body to heal and energize, while prompting the lymphatic system to more fully detoxify the body.

Contour Light is the only FDA Cleared device of its kind for for Body Contouring (circumference reduction), temporary pain relief from arthritis and muscle/joint pain and local increased blood circulation. Further, we intend to seek clearance for the following: skin rejuvenation, inflammation reduction, accelerated healing, immune system rebalancing, and brain related issues. Additionally, what sets it apart from other similar devices is the proprietary reflective coating that continually captures and redirects light energy back into the tissue for maximum strength and absorption, which translates to optimum results. Learn more here.

If you have already scheduled a red light therapy session, refer to the following video for instructions to follow to optimize your results. Light Therapy Guidelines

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