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Are You Ready to Go Keto?

The wildly popular ketogenic diet allows your body to run on an alternative fuel source (sugar and ketones) as opposed to just strictly running on sugar. With this dietary approach, you can enjoy many benefits. These include weight loss, improved mood, greater energy, decreased anxiety and depression, improved mental focus and more.

Making Your Body Fuel Efficient

We believe the keto diet is healthy as running on ketones is much more efficient than running on sugars. You have fewer free radicals (reactive oxygen species or free radicals) when you run on ketones versus running on sugar.

You can think of it as an eco-diesel engine that’s very efficient versus running on an old gas engine.

Reaching Ketosis

To reach ketosis, it takes between three days and three weeks. We recommend a cyclical ketogenic diet. As long as you cycle in and out it’s sustainable for a lifetime. You also can use the keto diet for a short-term intervention.

How Much Weight Can I Lose?

Everyone is different but it’s based on what your body needs to lose because you will essentially consume your body fat for fuel-only to the point where it’s healthy for your body. You can lose anywhere from 3 pounds to 50 pounds; it’s based on the needs of the individual.

Do I Have to Give up All Carbs?

With keto you can have carbs and eat them too-but, the carbs need to be more of the plant-based or fruit carbs. It’s important to eliminate grain-based ones. Once you become keto-adapted you can consume moderate amounts of alcohol. However, you primarily want to stay away from beer and sugary alcoholic drinks, especially malt beverages, which are the worst.

Tracking daily carb amounts is important as you want to restrict carb intake to below 50 grams per day. That’s net carbs (total carbs minus the fiber).

Keto Uncoded

We’ve created an online training site calledKeto Uncoded that helps you go through the entire ketogenic journey with us right there walking alongside you. There’s a short training video for you to watch and a short test to take that lets you know how to follow the ketogenic diet. You also can get a personalized keto plan in the office.

At Mountain View Chiropractic, we also can providenutrition guidance to address autoimmune issues and gut health.

Find out how fantastic you can feel when you go keto. Call (605) 791-4030 for more information!


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