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Discover a Healthier You with Thinfinity® Weight Loss & Detox at Mountain View Chiropractic!

MD 3Are you ready to embark on a journey towards all-natural, healthy, and efficient weight loss? Look no further than Thinfinity® Weight Loss & Detox, the top choice of Brenda Biberdorf RD at Mountain View Chiropractic!

Why Thinfinity®? Thinfinity® has been a cornerstone of our practice wight loss solution, and we continue to stand by its efficacy in promoting optimal health for our patients. This carefully curated product is designed to provide you with a seamless and enjoyable way to shed those extra pounds while embarking on a detoxifying journey.

All-Natural Goodness We believe in the power of natural ingredients, and Thinfinity® Weight Loss & Detox is no exception. With a blend of carefully selected components, this product supports your body’s natural mechanisms for weight loss and detoxification.

Effortless Weight Loss Say goodbye to complicated weight loss routines! Thinfinity® offers a straightforward and convenient way to lose weight, making it the ideal choice for those seeking simplicity without compromising results.

A Gateway to Better Health At Mountain View Chiropractic, we understand that weight loss is more than just a number on the scale—it’s a pathway to better overall health. Many of our patients have experienced transformative results with Thinfinity®, unlocking a healthier and more vibrant version of themselves.

Explore the Possibilities Visit our website to explore more about Thinfinity® Weight Loss & Detox, its ingredients, and the success stories of those who have embraced this journey with us. If you have any questions or are curious about how Thinfinity® can support your unique health goals, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Experience the Thinfinity® Difference Join us in the pursuit of a healthier, happier you. Discover the Thinfinity® difference at Mountain View Chiropractic—your partner in natural, effective, and holistic weight loss and detoxification.


Searching for all-natural weight loss drops that work?

Look no further! Thinfinity® Metabolic Drops are a sublingual (under the tongue) weight loss support product, which includes amino acid and incredible vitamin support

Thinfinity Weight Loss is “The Doctors Choice” to Weight Management.


Thinfinity® Metabolic Drops helps your body access the hard-to-reach visceral fat while providing support for your organs while combating anxieties and suppressing hunger*. Our products contain all-natural ingredients that are doctor-approved and created in an FDA-certified lab. Don’t let that visceral fat keep you down!
Only Sold Through Licensed Healthcare Professionals,Thinfinity® Metabolic Drops has been trusted by doctors for years because it works.*

What Thinfinity® Metabolic Drops Are For:

  • Targets visceral fat at its source in the midsection*
  • Does not cause hunger or the “jitters”
  • Aids in the process of killing candida overgrowth
  • All-natural and hormone-free


MD-1A healthy digestive system allows your body to get the nutrients it needs to thrive. In fact, when you have a healthy digestive system, your other organs and systems have their best chance to do their job and keep you energized, stable, and healthy. Conversely, when your digestive system starts to fail, your liver and kidneys stop performing at their best, your body loses its ability to break down fat, and your brain starts getting false hunger signals that are difficult, if not impossible, to refuse. One of the main causes of digestive problems is candida yeast overgrowth.

Yeast overgrowth is possible in a system that has been overexposed to highly processed foods and GMOs, particularly carbohydrates and sugars. Unfortunately, these are the main ingredients in our standard American diets, and they are deadly to your digestive system and your body as a whole. With candida yeast overgrowth comes an inability for your body to stop craving sugar and carbs, feel satisfied, and break down the stored nutrition and stored toxicity in your visceral fat cells, meaning you keep gaining weight and can’t seem to lose it.


Every person has visceral fat cells in their adipose tissue, which is naturally produced by your body for three reasons: insulation, cushion, and energy, and it is necessary in small quantities to keep your organs safe and your body warm. However, the problem of excessive weight gain comes when your body is receiving false signals and either:

Making you crave an excessive amount of food or Not properly breaking down the existing fat for energy.


When you are dealing with weight gain or stalled weight loss due to yeast overgrowth, you need weight loss drops that will perform three specific functions:

Stop the yeast overgrowth and promote healthy bacteria growth.

Target excess nutrition in the visceral fat cells naturally.

Help control cravings.

Thinfinity® Candida Drops are effective because it uses a combination of natural supplements that specifically support weight loss and all work together to stop yeast overgrowth in its tracks and eliminate stubborn visceral fat. By healing your digestive system and detoxing your system, your organ function will begin to improve, and you can start to feel more energy, reduced cravings, improved mental clarity, and be more well-rested.* With nearly immediate results*, when you try Thinfinity® you’ll be ready to start doing the Skinny Dance.



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