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Meet Dr. Josh Biberdorf

I like helping people regain their health without the use of drugs or surgery.

Chiropractor, Dr. Josh BiberdorfDiscovering Chiropractic

It was back in childhood that Dr. Josh began on his path to a career in chiropractic. His mom, a registered nurse, would take a patient’s blood pressure, draw blood, do insurance physicals, or write up a patient history – often with her son by her side.

Thinking he’d go the medical route, Dr. Josh shadowed some medical doctors. Already passionate about exercise, a healthy diet and a wellness lifestyle, he thought this would be a natural extension. He noticed, however, that doctors had a similar protocol: listen to someone’s symptoms, then write a prescription.

Instead, Dr. Josh turned to a different type of doctor: a chiropractor. He found a local one and got his first chiropractic adjustment. After that, Dr. Josh was hooked!

Over time, Dr. Josh noticed that the headaches that plagued him since adolescence were gone. He wondered how that could happen and asked the chiropractor. The chiropractor explained that chiropractic helps the body heal by releasing interference to the nervous system. Inspired by his chiropractor, Dr. Josh decided to attend chiropractic college.

Training, Memberships and Techniques

After graduating with a Doctor of Chiropractic, Dr. Josh entered practice. He has helped thousands of people with a range of different conditions. You’ll find he’s the sole chiropractor in the area who uses Activator Methods® instrument-based adjusting along with MyoVision scanning technology, called the EKG for spinal health.

Dr. Josh proudly holds membership in

  • The South Dakota Chiropractors Association
  • The International Chiropractic Association
  • The Black Hills Chiropractic Association.


Making the Most of Life In Our Community

If Dr. Josh isn’t in the office, he’s likely with his family enjoying the great outdoors. He and his wife, who is our nutritionist, have four children. They love going hiking, biking, skiing, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting and camping, enjoying all four seasons.

Easy, Convenient Appointments

You don’t need to schedule ahead of time. You can drop by at your convenience. Or, contact Mountain View Chiropractic today if you’d like to book an appointment!

Dr. Josh Biberdorf | (605) 791-4030